More Customers

Great Profile = More Customers

It takes some time, but it is totally worth it. So spend some time creating a nice profile on Snupit. Basically, you need to tell clients what you do, and why you do it better. If you love what you do, talk about that. Also talk about the common problems your clients probably face. This will help you impress them. They will see that you really know about what they are going through and that you can easily help them.

Perfect Your Profile

The Face of Your Business

In addition to your profile, your profile picture is also very important. This is like the face of your business. Spend some time/money on a quality headshot. A good profile photo creates a good first impression. A shabby photo will look unprofessional and turn customers away.

Make sure your profile picture is:

  • Friendly (Smile!)
  • Professional (Quality headshot. No selfie!)
  • Clear (Simple background. Good resolution.)

Make it Easy for Customers to Like You

No matter what services you provide, your profile should make customers like you. Here are 3 things you should include in your profile to do that:

Your experience.
Talk about a couple of interesting jobs you did. If you have special training / certifications / licenses, mention them.
Your passion.
People want to get the feeling, “This person loves his job, he’s a real pro.” You can create this feeling by sharing a story of how you started your business and what you love most about your work.
Your professionalism.
Proofread everything you write. Believe it or not, typos and bad communication skills have a big and bad impact on your relationship with the customer. Such mistakes can keep you from getting new clients.

Showcase Your Best Work

Don’t just use words. Use pictures and even video if you have it. Images are very effective for showcasing your work. Consider using before & after images. And don’t forget to add nice captions so customers know what they’re looking at. The last thing you want is to confuse the client. Keep things clear and simple.