Customers Rely on Reviews to Select Pros

Good reviews from past clients help you get new ones. We all like to see what other people are saying about a product, service or company before we choose one. Same is the case on Snupit. So to get hired more often, make sure to add reviews as you get more jobs.

Add Revoews

Do a Good Job and then Ask for a Review

It’s a mistake to think a client will automatically provide a good review once a job is complete. It’s your job to ask for the review. An effective way to do that is send a picture(s) of the completed job to the client, along with a thank you message for their time, and then ask for a good review.

Of course, you should have done a great job in the first place. This method reminds them that you did a good job and therefore makes it more likely for the client to give you a good review.

You can also use the Snupit dashboard to ask a client for a review. Moreover, you can get reviews from non-Snupit customers. Just give us their email address on Snupit and we’ll ask for the review on your behalf.

Replying to a Negative Review

Don’t be Discouraged

Almost every professional gets a bad review at least once in their career. When you get one, don’t be discouraged or take it personally. Instead, look at this as a chance to show how good you are at customer service.

Write a Thoughtful Reply

When people look at a negative review, they’re very interested in reading what the professional replied to that review. So if you get a negative review, write a thoughtful and positive reply. Explain your side of the story politely. This will impress new clients. They will see you are an honest and very professional.

Removing Abusive / Dishonest Reviews

If you believe a review you got on Snupit is dishonest or abusive, just report it to us. We will check it out and remove it if you are right. As you can see, protecting your reputation is very important.

Above all, learn from any mistakes you’ve made and try your best not to repeat them. You can avoid many negative reviews this way.