Keep an Eye On the Notifications

Snupit allows you to quickly see the best jobs near you. All you have to do is keep an eye on the notifications. If you ignore them, you can lose many good jobs. The most successful Pros on Snupit are alert and active. They don’t miss opportunities, get the best jobs and earn the most money.

Explore Jobs

Reply Soon

Speed is important. Pitch and send a quote to a client as soon as you can. You get a notification not only when a suitable job is posted, but when a client reads your response/pitch/quote.

Follow Up

Call and/or email the client after your initial reply. Leave a message if you can’t get through. You can call again but not too many times. You can also use Snupit’s messaging service to follow up with a client. It’s a free service and you will know when a client has read your message.

Snupit makes it very simple to do both these things. So stay active and make the best use of this amazing platform.