Perfect Pitch + Fantastic Follow Up

The first response you send to a client after seeing a job is not supposed to close the deal. It’s supposed to impress the client and get them to trust you. The goal at this point is to get the conversation to the next stage.

Don’t think that you have to get an answer like “Yes, we will like to hire you!” from a client right after you send a pitch. People don’t make a hiring decision right away. So if you write your pitch in a way that forces the client to decide immediately, they will probably think “No” and move on.

Close the deal

The Pitch

Focus on the Client’s Needs

Read the job post carefully. You need to clearly understand what the client wants. Then tailor your message to the needs of the client. Don’t copy-paste generic responses; no one likes that. If you have worked on a similar project, mention it.

Make Yourself Likeable

A few techniques to do that include using the client’s name at the beginning and repeating a couple of phrases that the client used. Also, see if the client says he/she is concerned about a certain part of the job. If yes, highlight how you will really take care of that issue. All these things make you very likable to the client.

Ask a Question at the End

It’s natural for a person to answer a question. This is why it’s a good idea to end your initial reply/proposal with a question. Make sure the client can answer the question in a simple yes or no, or with a short sentence. This will increase the chances of you starting a conversation, and increase the chances of you getting hired.

The Follow-up

Once you send in the pitch, follow up with a call or email. We talked more about this in the previous section. Remember, if your initial pitch is amazing, just stay in touch and you will have a better chance of getting hired.

Remember, your client may be looking at messages from other Pros as well. So you need to remind them who you are with your follow-up. Once they remember they really liked your pitch, they will be more willing to hire you.