Testimonials from our Pro's

Why Pro's love Snupit

"Snupit has helped my company to increase its bottom line. I see great value in advertising on Snupit and get up to 15 solid leads a month which normally results in 5 customers. Other mediums take too long to provide leads and are not direct like Snupit. With Snupit, we get an immediate response when a request is made."
Aziz Latif
Azfa Construction
"Through Snupit, I have actually gotten a lot of commercial work and some direct calls from my directory listing as well. Snupit is really good and I can choose the jobs I want and can see when customers are verified. The system works very well."
Devan Chetty
CDS Tech Security
"I discovered Snupit through a friend. Snupit has helped us achieve 75%-100% success in our business. We consider Snupit our key marketing platform and have already recommended Snupit to electricians, mechanics and other professionals I know."
Devasena Rangan
"Snupit is popular amongst various different contractors. I discovered Snupit through a friend who is an electrician. Our first job was to install an intercom and this actually lead to repeat business from the same client. Our most significant contract was to the value of 3.5 lakh Rupees."
Brandon Reddy
East Coast Cabling & Wireless